Donors hold their wealth in stock.
You’re still fundraising for cash.
We can fix that.
Our Friends
"I wanted to let everyone at Overflow know how happy we've been with the stock donation dashboard. It's made all of our lives so much easier to see everything all in one place."
"Overflow has dramatically simplified our stock donation process, allowing our team to spend more time focusing on our mission! It's a notably better donor experience compared to before"
Overflow helps non-profits tap into a new fundraising channel through direct stock donations.
Increase Average Donation Amount
Our average stock donation size is 47X the average cash donation. Donors are known to be much more generous with stock than with cash.
Unlock the most tax-efficient way to give
80% of donors own appreciated assets like stock. Stock donations are the most lucrative and tax efficient way to give, yet it’s the most underdeveloped channel.
Donation Education
We have found that many donors are not aware of the benefits of donating stock. We provide you with the educational tools to unlock stock donations within your community.
Simplifying Processes
Currently, accepting stock donations is complex and time consuming. We have created an end-to-end digital experience that simplifies the process for nonprofits and their donors.
Transparent Donor Relationships
Overflow allows you to know who your donors are and when they have supported you. Never miss an opportunity to thank a supporter and cultivate relationships.
Save time on your admin work
Never waste time tracking down your donations. Your time is best spent pushing your organization forward.
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